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Heather J Essery Avul

This man is a top coach.
Was and always will be my mentor.

Fern Harrison


...he has never failed to put the maximum effort into developing me as an athlete to achieve my goals. He has enabled me to achieve so many things, he has given me opportunities so that now I have evolved into other areas and given opportunities in the athletics society to give back to the sport. During a time of injury, he supported me the best anyone could with targeted rehabilitation plans. He even went as far as to attend physio sessions with me. John is the best coach for me and in my opinion the best for others to gain all experiences and in helping you become the best athlete that you can and want to be."

Rosie Timlock

"Throughout my time as an athlete, John has coached me and helped me achieve my targets. He provides me with a regular training plan that helps me to continue to improve and become more ambitious with my goals for the future whilst he supports me in my training."

Phil Clamp (in China)

"...knowledgeable and supportive coach who offers so much guidance and support."

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