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UK Athletics Level 3 Performance coach.


Not all qualified coaches offer the level of knowledge and experience.

Running and athletics is the only sport to have moved to a system where there are no progressive levels of coaching qualification. So for several years, there has been no formal progression for newly qualified coaches to follow. Qualification as a coach now comes over a handful of days. Those who pass are then trusted to look after their own development. Some of course do but I am afraid many do not!

My qualification pre-dates this change and indeed if the system had not changed I would have progressed further up the scale! I have committed myself to continual learning to progress myself as a national level coach.  This is reflected in the success achieved by those that I coach. 

I have written and had published many articles with a diverse range of running topics. From "How to warm up" to a very complex study of energy systems! This very much underlines my wealth of knowledge and experience at all levels.

To quote Kirsty Reade in her national newspaper article

“There is a lot of choice out there and, like any unregulated profession, there is good and bad…there are coaches who will happily give the same training plan to 30 athletes paying them £30 for their training”.

Decades of experience as a coach and a bespoke plan to suit your aspirations, goals and lifestyle can’t be offered by everyone.

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