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A philosophy built on experience

My philosophy is based on the belief that everyone can improve.

And with more than 20 years working with young athletes and children who love running I am always able to put this philosophy to work.

No matter at what stage of development from the very youngest to those approaching the senior ranks the intervention of the skills and advice of an experienced coach will take the young person forward to unleash their full potential.

All my coaching is built upon a long term on-going trusting relationship. There are always short term improvements to be gained however to really succeed "hurrying forward slowly" through the trails and tribulations of a young growing and changing athlete is the key.

​What's on offer?

The most important aspect of coaching is the personal contact which builds to a long a trusting runner/coach relationship and this can be achieved in a number of ways. I offer 1:1 coaching, coaching in small groups or remotely. The choice is yours. Whichever way suits your needs or those of your young athlete you will be working with a highly experienced and knowledgeable coach.

See below for a small selection of the plans and services available for "mere mortals and beyond" of all ages and abilities.


There are many more options - Call me for more information!

Video Running Technique Analysis

And remote training plans

  • Up to ten page full analysis of running technique from your videos - £85 

  • Progressive individual training plan matched to goals and lifestyle. £85 including analysis then £49pcm

  • Unlimited email contact

  • Telephone advice when needed


Small Group or1:1 Coaching

1:1 or small group sessions are available by arrangement. This will be a session of around 90 minutes and will initially go through creating your young athlete a running technique which will change running for life!

The cost is £105 for a 1:1 session, usually lasting around 90 minutes or £175 for groups of up to five athletes.

What should you expect from me?

  • Expert advice gleaned for a lifetime as a runner and over two decades as a coach.

  • Analysis of running style and, if needed, a long term approach to rectifying any mis-matches.

  • Training schedules prepared that are fully bespoke to  goals, fitness, aspirations and age/body change.

  • Support with recovery and nutrition

  • Commitment to progressing in an appropriate manner


What will I expect in return?

  • Weekly feedback to enable plans to be amended accordingly

What I won’t do.

  • Work with those under 11 years old unless in very special circumstances.

       Eleven years old is the youngest that I will consider. Lets         keep it fully just for fun until then!

  • Set plans for quick wins. Everything must be viewed as long term development. 

Contact John on 0781 769 3777

© 2018 - John Skevington. Performance Running Coach, Leicestershire UK.

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