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Preparing Young Athletes
For Long Term Success


Nurturing the young athlete to success is NOT a question of watering down adult training.

Knowing when to push forward, or ease back and reskill, during growth surges and body shape changes is crucial to guiding "children who run" into young athletes and beyond.

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20 Years of experience developing young athletes.

Former England Athletics Coach Mentor


Looking after the development of young athletes is far removed from the needs of adult athletes.

Understanding changes and developments in physiology, growth and energy systems in young athletes is crucial for their development.

With a wealth of experience gleaned over more than 20 years looking after young athletes from beginner to those hitting the heights at National and International level. I am able to bring that extra to the developing athlete. Remote coaching and skill development, biomechanical analysis to monitor changes in technique in the growing athlete are all available throughout the UK and beyond.


Contact John on 0781 769 3777

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